How to set shutdown time by day in xibo windows player?

how to create a command to set a shutdown timer in xibo player windows? my player run everyday. so i need to set a shutdown time by day. because each day have different time of shutdown. please help me. thank you.

Thank you for your message. You can use the Command functionality to send a shutdown command to your PC running the Xibo Player. below is the documentation for setting up commands:

You could create an Event for your Display so that it will run at a specific time and use the following command to shut down your PCs: shutdown /s /f /t 0. Please note that if you shutdown the PC you cannot send a command to restart it as it will not be able to receive that request. You will instead need to switch it back on manually.

Many Thanks.

hello good night, how to do to send a command to just restart the PC every day through the cms?

Hi Thiago,

I use the command shutdown /f /r /t 0 to restart my Xibo for Windows Player, I would recommend testing it to see if it’s suitable for you too!

Many Thanks.

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