How to rotate content playlists - replacing visix with xibo

Ok, we’re coming from the Visix AxisTV CMS where we could setup a bunch of ‘messages’ and put them in regions on layouts to run From/To dates/times. In Visix, when the end of the playlist was reached, the system would start back at the beginning.

I’m not quite sure how to go about this with Xibo, as it appears that while I can repeat layouts in a schedule, I don’t seem to see a way to take, say 12 or so layouts, schedule times for them, and have them repeat in order throughout the day.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


It’s the same how Xibo works, you schedule the layouts (either “timed” or set the day part to “always”). Whatever layouts are scheduled at any particular time will loop in order. You can specify the order as well, either in a Campaign or by specifying an order number.

I’m not sure whether you have a test environment set up but it’s definitely possible.