How to pull tag data from module

  • CMS Version : 4
  • Player Type : Windows
  • Player Version: 3


Hi, I’d like to tag each display with a storeid and name and then use those tags in the display output. I tried adding [[storeid]] to text content, but that did not work.

  1. Is the tag embedding on the text module something that works and I’m missing it?
  2. Can I embed the tag in another element like “Webpage” or rss? http://example dot com?s=[[storeid]]
  3. Can I pull the tag or folder name from javascript using the “Embedded”
  4. Should I look into some other way of telling the device what data to use based on some other attributes? Folder Name, Display Name, etc.

Hi and welcome to the Community!

Unfortunately you can’t pull tag data into a module but you could try using a dataset with a column for the displayId and keep your tagged information inside that dataset: DataSets | Xibo Digital Signage

If you could elaborate further on what you want to achieve we may be able to offer some suggestions.

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