How to make the last scheduled item in a region's timeline remain till other timelines finish

Hello, I am relatively new to Xibo, and I am having some difficulty solving an issue. In the timelines for layouts, the region with the shorter timeline will loop till the region with the longer timeline is finished playing. Is there a way to make the last item on the shorter timeline remain on screen till the longer region is done?

In my situation, I have several users who have formatted their layouts with one full screen region (region A) containing images and one other smaller region (region B) alternating text boxes and spacers. Our organization will be adding slides on occasion that they want included in the layouts. These slides will simply be full screen images to go in region A. We do not want Region B to loop back to the first text box while Region A displays the added images (The text and image would not match). Currently, region B ends on a spacer. Is there a way, when we add images to region A, to make region B remain on that spacer till Region A finishes? We do not want to simply add time to the spacer since the added images from the organization are set to expire. Then, when they expire, we would have a spacer in region B while Region A loops back to the first image (missing its text). We can go and edit the layouts again at the expiration date, but some of my users are not very adept at Xibo, and they may not remember to go back and change things at that time. Any advice will be much appreciated.

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