How to make Layouts load quicker?


I am new to XIBO and I find it very versatile and it seems fit our needs perfectly.

I have a question about Layouts.

I have managed to schedule a Campain that contains three different Layouts that contains different Regions that loads different types of Media.
So far so good.

But I find that the Layouts take too long to load on the Displays.
I want the regions in the layout to show instantly but now it loads and shows one region at a time so on layouts with many regions it takes up to 2 seconds to show it completely.

Is there a way to avoid this?

Make sure the images are small, like 500kb instead of 1mb or lager. Think of it a loading a website, the more content the longer it needs to load.

I have tried to keep down the media size and it works with images but not with a layout containing a region with Forecast IO and one region with a clock.
It first loads the background color and then after approx. half a second the weather and time are displayed.

It also takes some time loading a flash animation that is only 428 kB in size.
It does not matter if the flash movie is part of other media in a Layouts timeline or in a separate Layout.

The flickering when loading the media is very annoying and might be a reason for us to search for another solution than Xibo.

I hope there is a solution?

Each set of “web content” - be it flash, weather, text, tickers, etc need to load an instance of IE to display the content. It is most likely the case that IE is taking a long time to load on your system.

If you open IE outside of Xibo do you notice excessive loading time, perhaps lots of plugins, etc?