How to know which video file was added in V4.0?

In version 4.0, it is not possible to know which name of the video file was added?

Only a camera icon is displayed on the screen.

When I select the video icon, in the menu on the right, no information about the video file is displayed. Even clicking Replace,
it is not displayed which video is currently assigned to this area.

How to know the name of the video file “and other media” has been assigned?

Hi lgwebforum. There are two places where the media name can be seen, depending on how it was added to your Layout.

  1. You can see the names of the media in the layers list, down in the bottom left of the designer. This is when you have added a video directly to the layout, without using the playlist widget. The Layers button is the square blue button just beneath where the name of the video is shown (green arrow).

  2. If you are using a playlist widget, click the red timeline button for the widget, in the top right corner of the widget:
    This opens the timeline, where you can see the names of any media items added to that playlist:

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Thankyou, Now i see.

Have a great Week!

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