How to insert internet page?

Guys I’m new here I have a lot of doubts about using xibo, how do I put online news sites on xibo? Is it possible to put video straight from youtube too?

Thank you for your message. You can use the Webpage widget to display site in your Layout. Here is a link to the Webpage module documentation for more information:

Regarding Youtube, it would be better to use the Embedded Widget to display the Video. We have a guide that provides a recommended script for autoplaying Youtube videos in your Layout, the link along with the Embed module documentation is below:

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I’m using version 1.8.11 this tutorial that you gave me is different from my version.

mine doesn’t have this name Open Natively

The video for me would not have much problem, but the internet page would be very good but another problem would be not to put the page of the entire site but only put the news information, I just need to present only the picture on the site with the news .

Thank you for your reply. the Open Natively option I mentioned is in the Webpage widget and should be there in 1.8.11. The manual may look different to your version but the options are not. Here is a screenshot of the option I was referring to in a 1.8 CMS:

If you are looking for just the news information and not the entire webpage, have you tried searching for an RSS feed for that news vendor? You can then use a Ticker to retrieve just the news information you need from that RSS feed.

Here is the documentation for the Ticker Widget:

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