How to get Squarespace content to Xibo

I volunteer at my kids’ private school where I’m using Xibo to power two displays. The school uses SquareSpace to host their website. I’d like to be able to “suck” information such as calendar events from the school’s SquareSpace website into Xibo. While SquareSpace supports RSS feeds, I haven’t found any other way to get data into Xibo where I can then display it in a table. The school personnel are unwilling to enter this data into two places (website and Xibo) thus I need to be able to retrieve the data from SquareSpace. Anyone have any experience with this and/or have suggestions?

Does SquareSpace provide an API where you can suck the data out? Or can you get the content in a single “web view” somehow?

If nothing else, you may have to create some middleware that scrapes the right content and publishes it as an individual HTML page.