How To Generate Refresh Token In Xibo


we are testing a API from postman in that we found it’s is asking the access token code

  we are trying ton achieve to change the layout through postman Api

  after one hour completion it will not work because   it shows the error that access denied and we you generate again and again from              access  token api 

     this is our present situation

As I believe I’ve already told you over support tickets, you can either send access_token call with every other call in your script or use our oauth2 wrappers that should simplify this process - as well as other API calls.

I do not know what you’ve done so far and why use of wrappers is proving to be difficult, as you haven’t exactly tell us that yet.

Hi Peter

  we are  triggering the layout through Api  in that  for changing the

layout we need give the access token and it will expired 3600

 seconds  and every time we need generate the new access token that's

to right

   as you told about api wrappers  we download the zip file and unzip

that file and placed in the xibo folder and change the credentials

  in example and run through  composer these are things we done

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Could we perhaps see your code?
What programming language have you used?

Did you try any integration with oauth2 wrappers? For checking the token or otherwise?

client_credentials doesn’t support refresh_token because there is little point - it is sufficient to re-call the original access_token request.

If you are making requests through the XiboEntityProvider it will check whether the current access_token has expired before making each request - and if it has, request a new one for you immediately.

If you are using the Xibo provider directly, you will need to test the access_token yourself and provide it to your request.

refresh_tokens are only applicable when using other grants which require user authorisation before granting the original access_token

Does that make sense?