How to Exit Client?

I’ve installed the 1.7.9 client on a local PC account where the account auto logs on. All works fine and the Xibo client starts and does what it’s meant to do. However I can’t quit out of the client. Alt-F4 has no effect. If I bring up the status window (i key) and try to Ctrl-Tab or Alt-Tab it just moves the highlighted column across the log display. Ctrl-Alt-Del does nothing.

I’ve forced a reboot and logged in to a different account on the PC, but the client program starts up there as well (is it supposed to start in the All Users startup rather than the installed account startup?)

I’ve googled but can’t find a way to exit from the client, is there an any way to do this otherwise the PC appears to be unmanageable?

The PC is Windows 8.1 Pro


Ctrl+Alt+Del does nothing? Do you have this PC locked down in kiosk mode?

Alt+F4 will close it. You then need to close the Xibo Watchdog application in the system tray, or kill it from the Task Manager to prevent the Player respawning.

There’s an article in the FAQ which explains how to change Xibo’s startup:

Yes, that’s what it turned out to be, thanks. The PC image I had loaded to test Xibo had a kiosk app installed.