How to display Twitter feed only when new Tweets are generated

I would like to display the Twitter feed only if the search term returns any tweets. I’d like the region timeline to skip the Twitter item if no tweets are found. I.e. I don’t want the “There are no tweets to display” message to show or the region to be blank during the duration I’ve set for the Twitter item. Is this possible and if so how?


Just put a single space character instead of the ‘there are no tweets’ message. That will show a blank region for the duration

Thanks for your response. I guess I didn’t ask my question clearly enough. I have a region with several images and a Twitter element that loop. If tweets are found, the region will cycle through the pictures and the tweets. But if no tweets are found, i’d like it to skip the Twitter element and not leave the screen blank or with a message saying no tweets.

You can’t do that I’m afraid. The media item is there in the region timeline so it needs to be displayed for it’s total duration.