How to delete overlay schedules for the player


I’m using the API to schedule overlay campaigns/layouts from an interface that we made.
The scheduling part of it works fine and the content is displayed when it should be.
However, when I remove the schedule, the content doesn’t go away on the player.
In the status page on the player I can clearly see that there is no more overlay scheduled, yet about half the layouts are still displayed on the page.

Here are the tests I made:

  1. I tried creating an empty embedded widget in a layout, that I then scheduled to update the player’s content. It kinda worked, meaning that some layouts where removed, but some stayed.

  2. I tried to unassign all the layouts from the overlay campaign before removing the schedule for that campaign. No luck either, only some layouts are successfully removed and some of them stay on display.

  3. Finaly, I tried to checkout and then publish all the layouts after having removed the schedule for the overlay campagne. Unsurprisingly that didn’t work either.

To summarise, I can schedule overlay layouts, but they don’t get removed unless I restart Xibo on the player.

CMS version: 2.0.5
Player version: 2

Do you have a solution to this problem ?


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