How to custom Dataset HTML/CSS in v4.0.2

Hi, Help me please how to use dataset html/css in v4.0.2, I have tried so hard but there is no way out at all, here it is dataset in v3, everything work fine

and this is v4.0.2, very messy, I can’t process html/css freely :pensive: :sob:

I hope someone can help, so I can migrate to v4 soon

Eventually we want your requirement to be fulfilled with Elements, however the output you want isn’t yet possible for two reasons:

  • No option to add a “No Data” item
  • Not possible to add two of the same widget type to the same canvas

Both of these things are road mapped for improvement in 4.1 towards the end of the year.

Instead you’ll need to use the developer tools to supply your own HTML/CSS as you did before. This will give you a “static template” called “Birthday list” which can be added to any layout in the same way as any other template.

At the start of next week there will be improved documentation for this available here: Widgets | Xibo Digital Signage