How to configure ZeroMQ with RedHat 7.3 to install ZeroMQ PHP bindings

I still have the configuration of ZeroMQ PHP bindings on a RedHat 7.3 server. I can not do it properly.
Is what someone to the procedure to do it.
Thank you!

I’m no expert on Redhat server, but when i installed zip support on my webhost i had to kill the php processes and let them restart before the installer knew i had changed setting. You might need to do something similar?

Is zeromq still need manual install in centos/rh 7 ?


Almond Wong

Adding it for everybody else reference and myself. I just think the “Non-docker on CentOS 7” needed this info.

git clone git://

$ cd libzmq
$ ./
$ ./configure # add other options here
$ make
$ make check
$ sudo make install

Also very good help:

In the words of Shaggy:“It wasn’t me…” Learned it from googling :smiley: