How to configure xibo CMS to hold stats (Proof of Play report) for longer

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CMS Version

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Player Type

Android Player

Player Version

Android Player v3 R306

Xibo CMS Version

Linux Docker Version 3.3.5


Hi, we are now using Xibo CMS (Linux Docker) version 3.3.5, Android Player v3 R306. As requested by our management, we turned on Proof of Reports - stat collection features. After several months of running, we noticed that we could only view an average of 10 days of the Proof of Play reports. The previous stat collection data may be dropped. Is it possible to change CMS settings to keep more statistics data? so that we can view 20 or 30 days of Proof of reports? Please kindly advise, Thanks and Regards

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From the CMS main menu select Settings from the Administration section. From here select the Maintenance tab and use the Max Log Age and Max Statistics Age settings. You will also need to take into account the Stats Archive task which is responsible for archiving the stats into zip files in the CMS media library, which will need to be configured to archive the stats you want to keep before they are deleted from the CMS.

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