How to Configure Send file mode in Cent OS

Dear Team
I done Installation and configuration Xibo CMS with CentSOs Apache
and I Create Layout with Video Content
working perfectly but the issue is My Android player taking too much time for content downloading
my File download mode is OFF
then i change to Apache mode
I installed mod_xsendfile in my server

and i edit my httpd.conf file like this

XSendFile on
XSendFilePath /xibo-library/
then restart my Apache

But Then I Try New Layout with Video File but unfortunately Nothing Happen
I miss some setting please guide me.

I notice
when i change to download mode is Apache then my display static showing huge Get File Bandwidth

Thanks in Advance

You can see what we do in our Apache conf here:

From the CMS side, setting Apache as the send file mode is all you need to do, it just sets the response headers for Apache to take over delivering that file.

Sendfile isn’t specific to Xibo, so it might be better to have a search for Apache and Sendfile generally?