How to autostart xibo on system boots up?

Hello I am Mitesh,

I have an Ubuntu 18.04 at my client. I want to autostart xibo player at my client on system boots up. Anyone do have any solution how I can achive that?

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Mitesh Dube

Thank you for your message Mitesh_Dube.

The Xibo for Linux Player can be set to start on boot using Startup Applications which you can see in my screenshot below:

You can then add a new entry for your Xibo Player, this is what you will need to set:


You should then find your Player will auto start after your Ubuntu machine has booted.

Many Thanks.

Thanks for the reply! This solved my problem.

Great news! Thanks for confirming this solution is working for you. All the best with your Xibo Signage.

Many Thanks.

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