How to add users to players

Hello I have installed xibo on my own docker everything works fine so far now I would like to create multiple users and these users link again each his own player so actually multiple customers their own player and layout is that possible ???

Hi Rob_Van_Hommelen, welcome to the Xibo community! :slight_smile:

You can indeed create a setup like the one you describe, however before describing how to do this I wanted to mention that having multiple customers on the same CMS instance is not recommended, as there may still be the possibility that each customer could view or access resources reserved for other customers.

Creating a User:

You can create new Users by going to the Users option in your CMS. Please note that there are 3 user types you can configure: User, Group Admin and Super Admin. Super Admin accounts can see all elements of the CMS, so this would not be recommended when creating a user for your customers. Below is a link to the documentation on User accounts for more information. You will see on the left hand side are further links to explain User groups and permissions.

Linking Users to Displays:

Once you have created and configured your user accounts, you can set which Displays they have permission to View, Edit and Delete. If you go to the Displays menu in your CMS, then click the button at the end of the Display and choose Permissions from the menu, you will see this:

You can tick the boxes next to each User that you would like to be able to View, Edit or Delete that Display. Save to confirm. All entries in bold are User Groups, which you can also set permissions for. For example if you had 2 users who were members of a User group named A, if you set view permissions on a Display for Group A then all members of A will inherit those permissions.

Once you have done that, you should find that logging into that account and going to the Displays or Schedule menu should show only those displays that the user has permission to see.

I hope the above information helps you to get started setting up permissions for your User accounts, I would also recommend reading the documentation in the link I provided above as this will answer any other questions you may have about configuring Users, Groups and permissions.

Many Thanks.

Hello DanBW,
I’m doing some testing on self-hosted Xibo CMS and was looking for the best solution to restrict users of the CMS to only the displays/media and assets they have permission to access under a Group Admin policy. But was surprised by the comments above as I thought the principle behind Xibo was a shared CMS between multiple entities and users/groups.
Would you be able to expand on any issues that might arise from multiple users on the same server and any suggestions on setting permissions for users/groups/displays that would allow privacy for all users on the system.
This would be critical to my project to deliver service to schools within different regions.
Many thanks Dan.

Hi Franco,

Thanks for the reply. To clarify, it is of course up to the user how they wish to configure their CMS, and you are correct that it is possible to set permissions that would ensure that different customers using that CMS have privacy and security on their individual displays and events.

The reason we do not recommend this is due to the potential issues that can arise if you do not set up your permissions correctly. Xibo has extensive options for setting permissions on media, displays, users and groups, but this does not change the fact that all of the media and data from all of the customers using that CMS are being stored in the same database and media library. If you configured your permissions incorrectly and someone who is not authorised to access another customer’s data/media manages to do so, this could cause all sorts of issues.
In short it is simply a recommendation to avoid any potential issues with your customers, but it is your choice. If you decide to proceed with a CMS setup that has multiple customers I would make sure you thoroughly test the permissions you set up to make sure there are no situations where users might access items not intended for them.

Many Thanks.

Thanks Dan, appreciate your guidance and help.
As I’m finding - permissions is probably the crux of the system but a great cms nonetheless.

Glad to hear my explanation was helpful. Permissions are indeed a very important element of Xibo CMS, especially for use cases like the one you are currently testing.
The CMS developers have been working on all sorts of refinements to permissions, folders and User accounts for version 3. There’s some big changes expected in the near future, you can read about them in the version 3 blog post and test them in the latest release candidate. The version 3 release candidate is not recommended for production setups, so I can understand if you’d prefer to leave that for now while you test Xibo, but in case you do decide to proceed with Xibo, the link below provides a good overview of what to expect in future releases:

Many Thanks.