How to access new IDs of a layout that has been checked out via API

I asked this question on another thread but since I have yet to get a response and I need it ASAP to fix my system I’m starting a dedicated thread…

When I checkout a layout it sets the layout into draft mode. When in draft mode a new layout id and new region IDs are created. However, if I do a query to get the IDs by searching for the layout name I only get the old IDs. Once I publish the layout I can get the new IDs. If I can’t access those IDs from the draft state I can not modify my layout or regions.

Am I missing something here? is there a way to access the temporary IDs of a layout while it is in draft mode?

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Nevermind… I figured out that the checkout layout API call returns the temporary IDs.

Indeed, you can also call get layouts with parentId of the original layout to get the new layoutId, more details in my response in the other topic about the same issue - Can i avoid LayoutId change when published layout?

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