How simple layout with rotating pictures?

my question is how can i create a simple layout where some pictures shown every minute?
I think that some users can insert files into an folder on our network, and Xibo use this files to show them every minute in my layout area, but only the files in this folder.
Should i go to create a dataset and how can i do this?

I hope everyone can help me.


Take a look at the Playlists functionality.

You could create a Playlist with a set of images and insert into a Layout using the Sub-Playlist Widget.

Users could then replace the images from the Playlist without needing to touch the Layout!

Thanks for your very good and fast help to me, but i can’t find the position “Playlists”.
Can you help me where i can find it?
On my screen it looks like this:

Please see the section on Installing new Modules:

Sure but I believe the “PlayList” was a MEDIUM not a MODULE.

Playlists are available in 2.0.0 and later, so you’d need to be running that version to have it available.

If you’re running an earlier version, then as you suggest you can use a dataset and the dataset ticker to show a selection of images entered in to a dataset instead.