How I can to change internal memory locations for media to SD card in Android client?

I try to change default memory location in Android preferences for download, but it no change download for xibo client. Android 4.4.4, xibo 1.7.2. What I can to do?

Open Xibo app on your Android device, go to settings, check ‘Use public storage?’ and set ‘Storage options’ to your sd card.

I try it, but media doesnt download now. in client status menu: “Required files: storage not available”. In really, I have SD card with free space…

Perhaps it’s set to read-only? SD cards usually have little switch on the side.
If not that then you might need to format it - I am sure you will find many solutions when you will try to google for sd card read only issue.

no, I copy and download any data to this card without problem from another apps

Could you tell me what android device and what Xibo for Android version are you using?

Android 4.4.4, xibo 1.7.2.

Regarding device itself I was asking about manufacturer and model not Android version - for example minix neo Z64

1.7.2 - is CMS version, by the way we would recommend an upgrade to the newest version (1.7.4 currently)

Xibo for Android, newest version is 1.7 R55, which one do you have? In Xibo app click on ‘Status’ you will see Version and Code Version there.

Since general rule,
‘Use public storage?’ check
’Storage options’ sd card

Seems to not work for you, we might need the above information to help you further.

All problem solved! Thank you very much!

Great, you’re welcome, in this case I’ll close this topic now :smile: