How does new content get pushed?


testing xibo now and i made some changes to the “default” layout, but its not reflected on the android client… is there a trick to this.
the checking time is set to 5 minutes, and the window is 1:00 - 23:50


Are you using very long durations on you media items?

The current version of the layout that’s playing will need to finish before the new content will be shown. So if you’ve set a duration of 1 hour on your media. then you’ll be waiting 1 hour until your new content is shown.

Collection interval of 5 minutes is fine. That’s how often the Player will connect to the CMS to get new schedule and content for the next 2 days.

You should leave your download window as 0:00 - 0:00 unless you need to restrict the time the Player is allowed to connect to the CMS.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the info.

I think I had the layout objects at –1 and 9999 not knowing how they should be set. I setup my layout to 10 secs for each image slide now… I think I was getting confused as the the default display I had that scheduled and then also set my presentation on the schedule as a test. I’m assuming that I don’t need to put the “default layout” on the scheduler as it will kick in after other layouts are played?

I have a Tennis Zone Screen, where I have a presentation playing till June 6th, will the “default” auto kick in once the end date is hit. I have setup the display’s default to my “default layout"

Thank you,


The default layout is there for error conditions, or when there’s nothing else scheduled. So generally you’d have a simple image or similar on a short duration.

All your actual content should be on layouts which you assign using the scheduler.