How do you manage your live windows clients remotely?


there have been topics on this over the years, but I would like to know what people are doing to administer their live windows clients remotely.

We use Windows 10 Pro on our clients and till now have always done Administration such as Software Updates or changes via VNC or Teamviewer when the client was offline, either by manually turning off the Display so as not to attract unwanted attention or using VNC’s Desktop Blackout function.

We will be running a 24/7 Terminal in a very public place soon. Players run Win10 Pro. Ideally I had thought of using RDS, but that is limited to 1 concurrent user (except Server versions). We really don’t want random passerby’s to see us take remote control of the client. (On Linux this would not be an issue)

How would you solve this?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do remotely to these clients, but we’ve got a couple tools that we use. There’s VNC like you said, but Remote Desktop is also useful. RDP would log out the local user and the screen would display the Windows logon screen while your RDP session is running, but that’s better then passersby seeing your admin work.

If you’re trying to do things silently in the background, you should look into running remote PowerShell scripts or use a deployment manager like PDQ Deploy.

I’m not sure if it’s feasible for you or not, but for this case I would have dual display outputs. If you have your Xibo signage configured to show on the 2nd monitor, you could remote VNC to the main monitor to do any maintenance without it being seen on the 2nd monitor or display device.

simply make a “virtual monitor” on the client. (Dummy monitor with nothing connected)
set it up as master in extended desktop mode.
in display settings-> location tab make the left coordinate the width of your main screen( like if it’s 1980x1080 you set left to 1980)

now xibo monitor is display 2
now you can vnc in and confine your activities to main monitor without effecting your screen.