How do i get more text from my rss feed

hello i,m new in xibo.

I have a question we have a news feed. And when loaded in the widget is shows the title and two lines of text .I whant to have the full artice in the screen. how do i do that?

best regrards Danny

Hi Danny_Teunissen. It’s hard to say how to resolve your issue without seeing the text you are referring to. It’s possible this could be related to the way you have formatted the widget in the region, so there is not enough space to show all of the article on screen. You could try a smaller font size to see if that allows the entire article to be displayed while still being large enough to read. Alternatively you may need a larger region in your layout to allow enough space for the full article to be shown.

Another possible solution would be to use an effect, for example marquee, so that the article is scrolled across the screen, allowing the entire article to be read.

Could you post a screenshot of the layout to give some context on how it is appearing in your layout?

Many Thanks.

Thanks for the reply … it works

I run in to other problem in rss widget the tag [Description] gives me not all the text I have there. Is had x text and than […]

How do I solve this ??

Thank you

Thanks for replying Danny_Teunissen. Are you able to share the RSS link with me in a private message? That would allow me to take a look at the feed and see what the description elements looks like.

Many Thanks.

Okey that’s fixed also what’s my rss file.

The next problem. Non of my rss widget’s are working again even the old one . It stays on the first rss item and Stands there.

Very strange the old rss that worked well and now also don’t work.

I don’t edit any rss file . And tested a other rss also nothing happens.

Update 3 hours later*

I deleted all my layouts and started over again.
It didn’t helped . Rss is my primary goal with XIBO.

HI again Danny_Teunissen.

I wondered if you saw my last message and if you can provide the URL for your RSS feed in a private message? Unfortunately it’s very hard to confirm or resolve RSS issues without being able to test your feed URL. If you are unable to send me a private message please let me know and I will send one to you so you can reply to it.

Also my apologies but your last message was a little confusing. You begin by saying that an issue with your RSS is fixed but follow this up by saying none of your RSS widgets are working?

  • What changes did you make to your RSS?
  • Have you also made some changes to your Xibo setup? If yes, what are they?

Many Thanks.

You have a message :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sending the links. I have replied directly to your message, I wasn’t sure if it was ok to show screenshots of your feed on this public post. I hope you find the layout I sent you performs the same as it did for me.

Many Thanks.

This is an update to confirm that this issue is now resolved. The solution required some configuration changes to the Ticker widget so that more than one item was being returned, plus the number of items per page was configured so that the ticker would switch to a new item in the feed after a number of seconds. Now the results from the feed are being returned and displayed in the layout as Danny_Teunissen would like.

Thanks again for providing the feed URL so we could resolve this issue. All the best. :slight_smile:

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Hey Daniel,

I run into a problem in XIBO.

I have made a campaign running as Always. And made a overlay running as always. That’s not what I want.

I need that my overlay only runs over my campaign. And not as always. Because when I need to plan a video or a rtmp stream in schedule the overlay always runs . And in that schedule is music.

Can you help me?

Vriendelijke groet,
Danny Teunissen

Hi Danny_Teunissen.

If you have set your campaign to show always then it will be difficult to ensure that your overlay appears at the same time if there are other layouts set to display always as well.

It may take some testing to set up as you want but I would suggest creating a custom daypart for your campaign, then duplicating that custom daypart for your overlay event.

For example, let’s say that I have a campaign that will run for 20 minutes. I also have an RTSP layout that will display for 10 minutes after the campaign. This would take a total of 30 minutes to display both events before starting again, which I will make a note of. I also have an overlay that I only want to appear to the first 20 minutes of that 30 minute timeframe, which is when the campaign is displaying. I would create something like this:

Campaign Event:

Overlay Event:

RTSP Event:

The Campaign and Overlay event dayparts are identical, because I want to ensure they will display at the same time. The RTSP layout is set to display right after those events for 10 minutes. By setting all of the events to repeat every 10 minutes they will keep that formation for as long as I want.

If we look at that on the agenda view we can see that only the overlay and campaign appear from 12:00 until 12:20:

If I skip forward to 12:20, only the RTSP event will display:

The same behaviour is then repeated every 30 minutes.

A slight variation of this would be to set the RTSP event to run always but keep a specific schedule for your Overlay and Campaign event. If you set the overlay and campaign event to have the same priority value, which must be higher than the priority for your always RTSP event, then they will override the RTSP layout at the time they should appear, then your display will revert to the RTSP event when the priority events have finished.

Does this provide a solution to your issue? If I have misunderstood your question, my apologies please provide an example of how you want your schedule to work and I can see if there is a way to achieve that.

Many Thanks.

Thank You

Almost there .

My default campaign is running as always I must have music under it. And must run most of the time untill I schedule a Video. The campaign stops nice. And the video is running. That goes well just like I wanted. The problem is this.

In above situation the campaign stopsor not in screen. But any overlay is not stopping like the campaign. Even with the hight priority of the video In my opinion the overlay need a priority / or something that when it rus as always any video photo or what ever have the highest priority to play.

I think many people run in to this.
You make a layout/campaign. You make a overlay with a music stream or what ever . But when you are going to schedule run into problems. Because the overlay. Don’t stops/pauze disappear from Screen.

Solution: make priority rull the schedule.

Just XIBO have with Layers in layout built.

I hope you understand my problem. The solution you came with is ok .But when I must plan alot of content it’s not the way to schedule.

Best Regards Danny

Thank for the reply Danny (hope you don’t mind me shortening it to just Danny).

In terms of setting up a schedule that will ensure two separate events are timed to start and end at the same time, this is the only solution I am aware of. The example I provided ensures that the overlay starts and stops at the same time as the campaign, because they have the exact same start and end time, and are set to repeat that at the same time too.

The only other solution I can think of is if you integrate the music from your overlay into the layouts in your campaign, that way you know you will always have the music playing while the campaign is running. It’s hard to say if that will work for your use case as I don’t know how long the layouts are in the campaign compared to the music you want to play.

It almost sounds as if you would be looking for the ability to attach the music to the actual campaign event, or some sort of scheduling condition where you can specify that you want that overlay event to run only when the campaign event is running, even if the campaign has an always daypart. That is not currently possible but you are welcome to make suggestions to the developers for new functionality/options in the Feature Request section of the community forum.

I’m sorry I don’t have another suggestion as to how you can achieve what you are looking for.

Many Thanks.

Hey Daniel,

I think I found a bug in the system (I think)

I made al my layouts in one layout now.
Works ok . Also with a music stream Now I can plan my videos in schedule That is going well beside 1 thing. The video starts playing and the sound of the Stream stops. But after 3 or 4 seconds when a video is playing the sounds popup againg :frowning: . The sound is I a layout so it must stopped?

What’s happening here .

Hey Daniel. I whant to inform you that I have found the solution.

When your digital signage have a music web stream . And you scheduling radom videos. You have to do the following:

Every layout must contain the music stream. Embed in html and play must play automatically. Every layout must have the check box pre loading .

From that make a campaign of all you layouts you have made.

Schedule you campaign not as always but if it must run 24 hours use the time schedule.

Next important if you whant to schedule random videos and the music stream must be stopped.

Make a video layout . From that make a video Campaign and plan it in schedule. With higher priority.

Now you have it … a campaign with radio stream and you can play any video without that the music stream interrupt you video.

Wish you a good weekend and thanks for helping.

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Thank you for updating this post and for sharing your solution with the community. My apologies for the delayed reply, I’m really glad you have found a solution to your issue.

I hope you enjoy your weekend too, thank you Danny :slightly_smiling_face:

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