How do i automatically set environment variables to API

I downloaded the official 1.8 API swagger collection to use it on Postman
i’m doing some testing but i have to manualy add the authorisation key to the headers and modify the link
to add my IP, i need help to do that automatically .

PS : i’ve already set local variables on my environment on postman (access_token and url )

Could you tell me what exactly seems to be the problem please? I believe those items are explained here or is there something missing? 1.8 API Introduction

Long story short, you define parameters in environment (like url access_token etc) and then use those parameters in {{ }} in your calls, instead of providing cms address or access_token in each call

so let’s say
you had something like
if you define url in the environment then you’d simply use

similar for access_token in most calls headers, instead of trying to copy/paste in each time, you will want to have it defined in environment and then in headers:

If you’ve downloaded the collection from my guide then I believe most calls already have that this way - all you’d need to do is to define access_token, url and others in the environment.

Thank you for the quick reply Peter,
the collection from your guide is a lite version i needed the complete one ! and yes i want it to be the same way u already defined the variables.

in the complete version ( available here
i have something like this "api/playlist/widget/:widgetId"
so i need to myself add {{url}} to every request link

Well yes, I did not add every single available call to my Postman example guide, as that wasn’t the main goal of that guide.
The goal was/is to show the examples which should then help you create other calls without too many problems.

yes and your guide was very clear and helpful !