How can I ta adding a user directly through mysql?

I would like to add a user directly through mysql. How could I do this?

You shouldn’t do this - if you do there is a chance it will break later, and its hard to get the password hashing correct (as this is generated by PHP). Using the API to do this would be much more reliable.

If you’re determined to do it, you can set a password using PHP’s password hash and then run the SQL here: xibo-cms/User.php at develop · xibosignage/xibo-cms · GitHub


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@Dan, once again I’m so glad you took the time to answer my queries. My intention is to create a Frontend so that users can register. Through the registration form you create, I was able to register a user within the Bank as shown in the following image.

However, inside the Xibo Panel in Users, it does not display it.