Horizontal to Vertical layout


I have a question for you. We are using Xibo to show pictures and information of our organisation.
Now we want to use that system on a different, bigger screen.
But we want to rotate the screen to vertical, if possible.
We are also using an Android mini PC with that.

Is this possible? And if so, could you please explain to me how I can rotate the screen?

Many thanks!

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Not all Android devices are able to rotate the screen. All the ones on our recommended hardware list can however, so hopefully you have one of those.

Assuming your device can, then there’s two possible ways to achieve the rotation.

First, check on the device in the Android Settings, normally under Display for a screen rotation or orientation setting. Change that to either 90 degrees or 270 degrees depending on which way up your screen is.

Alternatively, in the CMS, create a new Android display settings profile, and in there, set the screen rotation as required. Also set any other required settings to your preferences.

Then on the Displays page in the CMS, edit the Display in question and assign your new profile. Allow Xibo time to collect from the CMS, and then restart the Player. If it is able to be rotated, it will rotate when Xibo starts up.

If it still doesn’t rotate, you’ll need to speak to your device manufacturer and ask them how to allow rotation on that device.

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