Horizantal layout to Vertical layout

Let me explain what I’m trying. I have one client ( Win 7- 1.7.4 client) and
it’s default layout is horizantal ( for example 1600x900 px), and
working a one small application in this client like name ; display .
(Display app. mission is rotate the screen 90 degree when it run).
Another layout is vertical and it’s 900x1600 pixel. This layout contain
shell command for run to display.exe. So when i schedule this layout
windows screen turn the horizantal to vertical and show the layout but
vertical layout not scaling correctly.

Do you have any idea how can i fix it.


The player only assesses the resolution of the display when it first starts - so although you have orientated the screen differently, Xibo still thinks its the other way around.

You’d need to modify the player application to monitor for changes in the screen orientation and reset its internal dimensions accordingly.

Thanks for answer Dan,
But I’m a afraid, i don’t know how to modify player application as you say.
Thank you for your interest.

You could get display.exe to restart XiboClient.exe when there was a rotation change. I think that is your only option without modifying the player source code.