HLS widget stream delay over time

I’m using Player for Windows R402 - so as of writing this post the most recent version.
The problem I’m facing is with the delay introduced by the HLS widget.
So when the video is played from a security camera through the HLS widget it introduces a significant delay over time. It slowly accumulates so after some time it’s like 5 minutes for the 24hours since reloading the layout. I checked all the settings in the player and been testing it for the last few weeks without success. I tested exactly the same stream I use for HLS widget with the VLC on the same computer that I use for Xibo player and the delay is not introduced.
On my other android players (they use different widget - webpage) this issue doesn’t occur.
I’m out of options now. Is there still something I could do about it?

If I’ve understood correctly, there are 12 seconds every hour.

Have you tried this setting?

Thank you for looking into my issue. I actually already tried playing with that setting. I currently keep it disabled because when it’s enabled it accumulates the lag much faster. Like now after around two hours of streaming there are around 8 minutes of lag. Do you have any other suggestions I could try?

If you say that Android boxes have no lag, why not adopt this solution?

It’s true that Xibo isn’t known as an NVR :sleepy: