HLS streams broken after webview2 update

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Hi All,
We have the Xibo client running on windows mini PCs. Things have been working very well on them for a few months. One of the main slides that we show is a live stream using OBS Stream using HLS. Unfortunately, the PCs autoupdated webview2 today and the live stream broke. I’m hoping there is something simple I can check in xibo to make it compatible with future versions as I’m sure webview won’t stop updating.
Any advice?

Hi IDontKnowAGoodName (I like the name btw :laughing:), welcome to the community!

I’ve been testing a HLS stream on my Xibo for Windows player version R307 and so far it is working for me.
My webview2 also updated recently, I am now on version 111.0.1661.41, which appears to be the latest version according to the Microsoft website:

Could you try the R307 player release I linked earlier in this message? If that still does not work, may I send you my test HLS stream layout so you can try it on your player?

Many Thanks.

It looks like it might have been something on the HLS stream side. It started working again without any additional intervention.

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