HLS stream url syntax

Trying to use the new HLS video module under 1.8.1 and Android client, but all I see is a white background in the region where I linked the video.

What’s the proper syntax of the HLS stream? We’re using a hardware encoder which has these suggestions:

Playing these URLs in VLC work fine.

The HLS module is mainly provided to allow HLS to work on Windows Players.

If you’re using Android, you’ll likely get a better result putting your URL in to the Local Video widget instead.

The URL I’d expect would be the one ending m3u8. It will depend entirely however on the codecs in the stream being supported by your Android device. VLC brings its own codecs so isn’t a diagnostic test.

ps. If you could please post your questions in the appropriate category it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Sorry, I was targeting this to the CMS category, since the URL has to be filled in in the CMS, not the Android.
Additionally, I had no clue that the HLS module is Windows-specific (I looked in GitHub also, but found no mention about that)

Your original post (and the one before it too) wasn’t in any category (ie General Discussion). If you were targetting the CMS then it would go in “Support” :slight_smile:

HLS isn’t Windows specific. It does work on Android too, but the performance you get from using the Local Video module is normally better than using the HLS module, as there’s no overhead from a web browser being involved in the process.