Hide rows in table with javacript

Hi all. I come again with the same problem because I found a solution that goes partially.

So, I want to hide some rows from a table after a specific time when it detects a word let’s say “orange”. So when the database is changed and “orange” is detected, that line is showed for 30 seconds more and after that it will hide that line that contains “orange” on a column.

I tried some versions and they worked partially. The script was added in modules\preview\HtmlTemplate.html:


That worked fine but when I refresh the line appears again. After that I tried something else:

if(localStorage.getItem("isFirst") == null) {

That worked fine, but because it is using localStorage of browser and the client doesn’t run in a browser, it is not ok.

I want to ask you if I can do something with my first version or how can I do this to work? Any ideea is welecomed. Thank you and have a nice day!

I’m sorry - I can’t think of a way to achieve what you want without using local storage - which isn’t available in windows as far as I know.

The data set results are rendered in a webpage and are therefore “stateless” without some sort of client persisted storage