Help ZMQ Configuration for Xibo V4 - XAMPP Server

Please I need help for ZMQ Configuration.

My Xibo V4 runs on PHP 8.2 and I use all type of ZMQ, thread safe or non-thread safe.

I have replaced this file libzmq.dll to c:\xampp and php_zmq.dll and c:\xampp\php\ext.
I have added extension=php_zmq.dll BUT STILL NOT WORKING.

Please help me. Thank you.

Send the list of all your requisites… let me see it
Then, i need to know what is the EXACLTY version of PHP… If is NTS or not.


Hi, pitoco02.

My requisites;

  1. XAMPP Apache PHP 8.2 on Windows Server 2022. I don’t use IIS, I use XAMPP.
  2. Xibo CMS 4.0.2
  3. I have installed succesfully without /web on my pre-install.
  4. Now I have Xibo 3.1.1 with PHP 7.2, ZMQ works.

The trouble is I can’t find ZMQ version which work on Xibo 4.0.2, runs on PHP 8.2 XAMPP Server.

Thank you.

I need help for this.

Last time I’m using ZMQ taken from here GitHub, and make sure you run deplister.exe to make sure all dependency files are copied into the folder.


Thank you for your file, @pitoco02. I use zmp-php8.2-win32-x64-vs16.

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