Help Xibo administrator

Hello, today I can not get into Xibo administrator, use the 1.6.4 version for some time and I’ve never had any problems, please help

You can try that to reset your password.

Hello I apologize, I solved the issue by updating to version 1.7.7, but now I can not add the display, there is no entry or add display you will need to add in a different way? thank you if you can help me because I have the latches screens for 3 days and customers complain due.

Are you using Windows 1.7.7 client?
If so it should be fine (just enter correct CMS address and key), you might want to also check on advanced tab that the display ID is unique for each player.

The client gives me error “The server key you entereddoes not match with the server key at this address”

Did you check if the server key that you have in Client Options matches the server key you can find in CMS -> settings (configuration tab)?

Thank you very much it was just the key different she is a fantastic person

Great, I’m glad the issue is now resolved.