Help with understanding resolution through the different steps

I am trying to understand why only a portion of the image I’ve specified is showing up on the display.

What I want to show is a Network map that was set to 1920x1080 in the networking software.

In Xibo CMS I’ve setup a layout that is 1920x1080
The display unit is a DS Device DSCS9
The unit is setup to to 1080p @ 60 Hz
The TV unit it’s connected shows that it’s doing 1080p@60Hz

When my network map shows on the display I can see approximately 1280 x 720 of the map anchored to the top left. It’s not distorted or fuzzy, it’s just like the display/TV are seeing more screen real estate than is available.

What am I missing in this? I’ve tried to set everything up for 1080p, but I don’t seem to have much real estate available.


Got the same problem here with webview. All is in 1920x1080p.
If I put mouse on it and if I scroll, I can see the rest of the bottom page :confused: