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I would restart the minix x5 mini remotely. I’m having trouble finding the commands and how to use.

Dan, has conducted tests with this kind of feature? You have a list of shell commands to run?

These commands could this available for a listing for the user, I particularly do not know what or how to use.


It’s covered in the Spring Signage knowledgebase:

That should work on most devices, but again it is firmware dependant as the manufacturer has complete control to rename or remove that functionality from the Android OS.


Alex, good morning

Thanks for the answer.

Getting to the point of performing the post in the community, I had read the topics mentioned.

I use Android Minix X5 mini (Root), know the operation of the Shell múdulo are not sure what commands to use. For this reason, knowing that you certainly have performed countless tests, I asked if there was a list of commands that have tested for android.

Hi Laercio,

Here you can find more information/commands (and maybe you would be interested in using SSHelper too)

Shell Commands from that link:

  • “ps | grep xibo” - to see if xibo process is running
  • “am force-stop” - to stop Xibo process it
  • “am start” - to start Xibo process it
  • “reboot” - to reboot device

There is not a list of commands you can run I’m afraid.

The article tells you the correct command to run for reboot as you requested.

Thank you Alex and Peter,

I would like to take some questions about how the process works.

1- We need necessarily to have a Shell app for the shell command execution by the CMS module to work?

2- If the answer to item 1 is YES, it is possible to include the APP Xibo this feature, that is, without requiring an external APP?

I remember before the App own autouptade was a beta APP to perform this function. Shell have within the APP Xibo would update remotely.

If this feature is included in the App Xibo, we could have a list of commands already configured and run through the menu displays in stocks, selecting the displays we want.

You need to root the device. Other than that no other app is required

Hello Peter and Alex,

My equipment is all minix x5 mini, all are native to root firmware sent by minix with the customizations we ask.

Unfortunately I am struggling to run the shell module. I created the layout with two regions as tutorial with a text and a region and another with the shell command reboot.

The layout is downloaded by the equipment but not the reboot works. In the log appears msgs below:

What am I doing wrong?

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