Help me, Error short play video on Minix X6

Dear Support,

Kindly support this case help me.

I meet a problem when run video layout on Minix X6. I just push new video long 20 minutes but only run a short first about 1 minute and repeat.

Xibo CMS: 1.7.9

android player: 1.6 version 62 + Mx player + code

see more information with my take video error on bellow link

Could you please send me your layout via pm so I can take a look at it?

Dear Peter,

I just reference use link on your community to convert video to android format but i do not work

Kindly download my layout teamplate on the bellow link because i do not permit upload on comunity

i do not understand what is your PM mean ?

I created a layout with your video with duration 0 and scheduled it and it does work just fine on z64 (I don’t have x6 at the moment).

Perhaps try to set it to public storage and select first option under storage options. (in Xibo for Android settings).

You can also try to define the time instead of 0, but it should work fine with 0.

Private message.

Dear Peter,

thank you for great support,

I just set duration 0 , it work good.

you can share my case with every body on community. i confirmed it run good on Minix X6

and i have other question about Minix X6 not root because Minix company not support warranty for rooted device.