Help Me - Android


My android device is similar

My layouts are correct schedule and with content valid for reproduction.


The message you’re receiving is because the XMR public/private key pair is out of sync with the CMS.

You need to edit the display in the CMS, and tick the “Reconfigure XMR” box, and then that will be resolved.

That won’t prevent the Player from showing content though. The log shows your layouts are considered valid by the Player so I’d expect them to be playing, but without seeing the complete status screen it’s impossible to say why that might be.


Hello alex

Thanks for the guidance I ended up not putting the description in the correct way.

I will put here some important information to see if we are following a correct logic.

He noticed some difference in the APP 107, when he has much content to be linked with the equipment he ends up appearing this messagetmr


I’m afraid the screenshots don’t make any sense.

The first one shows that there’s no network connection. The Player can’t access XMDS or XMR, and so the Player can’t download any new information.

The second screenshot shows that XMR messages are being received but they have the wrong key (and so you need to reconfigure XMR for that display per my previous reply).

The final screenshot looks to be a different install again. There none of the layouts downloaded are in the schedule, which means either they’re all invalid, or the date and time are incorrect on the device.

If all your Players won’t play, then it suggests something CMS side rather than Player side. I’d start by running Verify All on the modules page of the CMS.