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hi all. currently i using xibo for windows and using own vps server cms. soon i want to use xibo for android player. is it possible? can i stay using current cms and only install xibo for android on the player at my site? what recommended android device for now ? and how the licensing work ? is that one off pay or per month/player ? someone can help me about this? thank you.

You can add windows/android/WebOS/Tizen to your current CMS. Buy your licenses at Xibo and you will receive a Licensepool with your unique code. Use this unique code in your CMS and your player will receive the settings and activates at the Xibo server.

Recommended device is DSCS9x or DSCS95, also available at Xibo. (We have now arround 170 devices in the field.) These devices are built for Xibo and have all the needed application available. If you choose your own android, consider to use a Android player with Root already on it. Because of root, you will be able to push new versions as updates from CMS.

You can buy perpetual licenses for you own hosted CMS. This is a one-time fee.

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thanks sir. i want to ask, the perpetual license is 28 dollar or 28 pound? because in site, got 2 sign dollar and pound. i bit confuse. click “add new pool” right to buy it ?

In my case i see the prices in €. Depends where you are from and what regional your visiting Xibo site.

Yes, add new pool to buy! After your first pool has been created, there will be a add button to add/buy more licenses to that specific pool.

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