HDMI Input on Android Devices via Xibo


We have a couple of Android Devices that have HDMI-Input port (PIP)

We wanted to test this out with Xibo, and were quite disappointed to learn that the feature is available for WebOS only.

I am sure there is a way of making this work on Android too, considering that the Android OS will identify the port that is for input feed and display the same within the region we want the same to play?

Any thoughts?


Unfortunately there’s no standard way for HDMI input to work on Android because it’s not something Google envisage you would want to do. Instead each manufacturer has their own software that runs on top of Android and enables that feature.

That means for it to work we’d have to have different versions of Xibo for Android for each different manufacturer and perhaps each different device, which isn’t something that is viable for us.

It works on webOS as it’s part of the core platform that LG provide in the monitor, and so they all work in the same way.

Unfortunately it’s not something we plan to support on Android for those reasons.

Thanks Alex for the feedback.