HDMI-CEC change channel?

We’re a church who is just getting up and running with Xibo for our lobby displays.

One thing that we currently do manually is to switch the channel of the TV in order to display closed circuit video of the service when it begins. However, I’m wondering if there is a way we can schedule this with Xibo. What it would require is a way to use HDMI-CEC to change the channels on a schedule and then change it back to the HDMI input when done.

I read some great threads about powering on and off via CEC but wondering if anyone has gone beyond that into things like changing channels.


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I don’t have the answer, but I am interested if anyone else has one.

The solution that I use to turn on and off multiple TVs, change inputs and volume levels does not use HDMI-CEC but should work for you.

If your TV can be remote controlled over a computer network with IP based packets it is fairly simple. If your TVs only have a serial port like mine it requires a little more hardware that allows WiFi or ethernet conversion to serial (about $20 on Ebay).

I install a program called Packet Sender on my Xibo player along with some batch files that contain a short script that will send commands to my TVs to do whatever I want them to do.

I have written commands in the CMS that call up these batch files, which thanks to the scheduling feature in the CMS I can have it run whenever I like, just as easy as scheduling a layout. So now even when I am not at church all the screens turn on and off by themselves and change to a live feed of the service while it is in progress.