Has anyone tested Xibo on an Intel Evo laptop? How does it perform?

Hello Xibo Community,

I’m considering deploying Xibo digital signage on Intel Evo laptops for a project, and I’m curious to hear from anyone who has already tested or used Xibo on these devices. How does it perform compared to other hardware configurations?

Specifically, I’m interested in knowing:

Performance: How does Xibo run on Intel Evo laptops in terms of smoothness, responsiveness, and overall performance? Are there any noticeable differences compared to running it on other hardware?

Compatibility: Have you encountered any compatibility issues or challenges when using Xibo with Intel Evo laptops? Are there any specific configurations or optimizations required for optimal performance?

Features Utilization: Does Xibo fully utilize the features and capabilities of Intel Evo laptops, such as AI-driven performance optimizations and integrated graphics enhancements?

Battery Life: How does running Xibo on Intel Evo laptops affect battery life? Are there any strategies for maximizing battery efficiency without sacrificing performance?

Overall Experience: What has been your overall experience using Xibo on Intel Evo laptops? Would you recommend them for digital signage deployments, and are there any specific benefits or drawbacks to consider?

Please feel free to share your experiences, insights, tips, and recommendations related to running Xibo on Intel Evo laptops. Your input will be invaluable for those considering similar deployments or looking to optimize their existing setups.

Looking forward to hearing from the community!

Best regards,