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Our organization has a news website with a selection of news stories each day. It has a header, then a group of stories, each with an image and a text title, (with a link to read the full story). I can provide specific links if you would like.
I would like to grab the image and text title for the stories and display them one by one on the Xibo display.
We would want it to display each image/title for about 10 seconds and cycle through the 10 newest stories or something similar. We would want it to reload the stories regularly so new stories are added as they are updated on the website.

I cannot seem to get it to work with the ticker module. The page has a specific format that is consistent, but it is not compatible with the RSS feed model.
Any guidance on the best way to approach this?
I can probably get some help from our web team if necessary. Wondering if anyone is doing this with dynamic web content and how you went about it?
Thanks for the help, Walt

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