Hardware question

use anybody in this forum a Intel Compu Stick from the newest Generation (STK1A32SC Z3735F) with xibo?

I think this little PC fit’s very good in our environment. Its there a another Option?

We need Win7 as OS and a little PC with WIFI for our Display in the Entrance hall

But whats with fan-sound ? Is the Stick very quit?

Becomes the Stick or the Powersupply very warm when he is 24/7 on?

Please report from your experience with the Stick-PC.


We’ve been running 5 of these for around 4 months solid and have had no problems. They are virtually silent and perform well. I have been running Windows 10 though so cannot comment on Windows 7 performance or compatibility. We have also found that that model is getting harder to find so have switched to http://www.ebuyer.com/698859-hannspree-pc-on-a-stick-snnpdi1b for our next 6 that we are rolling out and have found it performs well too…so far anyway

Thank you for your Answer. I found a couple of minutes ago the CompuStick Thread here an read it.

Sounds good what i read. So i must convince the Boss to buy some :wink: