Hardware for Linux recommendations?


I currently run a 6 screen setup with Intel NUCs running Windows 10 LTSB.

I’m starting to have some performance and overheating issues as the hardware is getting very old. I’m also considering the switch to the linux player as I run the CMS on Ubuntu so sort of makes sense to make it all linux.

What reliable (Under £200) hardware do people recommend for a Xibo linux/windows player?

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Hi Jwestmoreland, welcome to the Xibo Community! :slight_smile:

We’re in the process of putting together a device with recommended specifications, but in the interim, we’d suggest a device with 4GB RAM, and a graphics card well supported by Linux, and an i3 or better CPU.

Hi Nell,

Thanks for this, I was looking for more of examples of what hardware other people use in their setups.

I was looking at the Intel Compute Sticks but I’ve heard bad things about them overheating.

emphasis on video hardware well supported by Linux. We tried using some devices that were retiring from a Burger King… can’t remember what they were but not relevant to this conversation as they are a few years old and you are looking at new equipment. They had an Nvidia chip set in them that was not 100% perfect apparently. After many hours of use we had random lock ups and crashes on them. They work fine with windows 10. From what we could tell it was a video driver issue.