Group Media and Assign to Layout


Just started getting around Xibo and am really impressed with the capabilities. We plan on using Xibo for digital advertising in our hotels and liqour stores with a generic set of jpeg images playing across a number of sites along with a set of images that are site specific.

Please correct me if i am missing something here.
I was wondering if is possible to be able to group media files then assign a group of media files to a layout?
E.g. i would upload 10 images group 5 of them as site1 then group the other 5 as site2. Once grouped i could assign the group of images to a layout.

Ideally i would like layouts to not be touched by end users and for the end users just upload new images to the groups.

Correct me if i am wrong, currently a user would have to upload the image then go to the layout and add that image to the media to the region. What i am suggesting would mean that the user only has to upload the image and assign a group.


You’re correct in your assumptions. At the moment, the user would need to assign those images to the layouts.

In 1.8 series we’re having a new feature called Timelines which will allow you to create reusable region timelines. In that case, your users could have permission to edit a region timeline and then you can reuse that in multiple layouts.

I meant Playlists not Timelines. It’s had various names in the time we’ve been pondering the best way to implement it!

Just read through the Blueprint, Exactly what we are after. :smile:

We’ve started work on it already - it is quite a big change for various reasons so I am not sure when it will be released. I hope not too long! :smiley: