Group admin can't create users

Hi there,
I’m facing a right management issue with the 3.0 version. I have a user who is a group admin. This user got all user features ticked; This user can see all the members of their group but can’t create a new user in their group… Any idear ?


Hi, did you create a new User using the Onboarding Wizard or Manually? Or did you edit an existing User? Have you looked to ensure that they have ‘Include Add User button…’ enabled for Features?

Hi Natacha,

This user was created under the previous version.

Yes, all the user features are enabled.

Should i create a new user ?

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Hi, after further investigation it appears there is indeed a bug which has been reported here:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Hello Natasha,
following up this bug. Did you fix this in the last release ?
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Hi Philippe, this has been marked as resolved for the v3.0.2 release here: Xibo CMS 3.0.2 - Released

We have released another bug fix since then, release notes available here: Xibo CMS 3.0.3 - Released

Thank you