Google slide Not working

hi everyone,

Google slide does not work on Android loaded OPS devices. I do not work with embedded code and WebPage. black screen.

It is possible that Google changed something in the way they allow embedding of those presentations, with that being said I’d expect something like

to work in Xibo webpage module open natively, could you please try that?

I did what you said, but did not work


“there are items on this layout that can only be assessed by the client”

That is not an error.

It is perfectly fine layout status if you have online content on it.

Could you please schedule that layout to your player and see if it will display that example presentation?

hello ,

I did what you said, but did not work
please help

Just to confirm, could you export your layout and snd it to me over private message and also confirm for us the CMS and player versions you’re using and the device’s mark, model and android version please.