Google Presentation not showing

Does anyone know if there are any known issues with Google Presention on the WebOS app? I’ve done a layout with a fullscreen presentation and this works like a charm on the Windows client, but on my LG tv I just get a white screen. Don’t really know where to start looking for errors…

Hi DanielMalmgren, thank you for your message. To be clear are you referring to Google Slides? If yes, can you confirm:

  • The player version you are using.
  • The LG display model you are using.

I have tried a quick test on my WP400 running R305 and my Google Sheet presentation is displaying on the screen, as long as I use the Embed publish link, not the standard link.

Many Thanks.

Ah, that was easy! The embed link (the only difference seems to be “embed” instead of “pub”) did the trick!

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