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We have been using google public calendar to display a iframe embeded calendar. today its stopped working. Looks like its required to be logged into a google account to even load them now. Anyone have any ideas as to how to have a google account on the DSCS9 or an alternative for displaying a Google Calendar.


EDIT: Finally found this Why are my embedded Public calendars not displaying without a sign in? - Google Calendar Community

Looks like its a google issue

Have you tried the Calendar Widget to display events from an iCAL feed?

Yes, its complicated to use and without lots of coding doesn’t look very good. It was requested to have a full normal looking calendar.

Thanks for the suggestion.

We have taken that feedback on board and we are currently making improvements to the Calendar Widget which will include a full calendar view and styling configurations without the need for CSS which is being planned at this stage for 3.1.

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